Coppercoat Antifoul


Clipper Race Yachts Choose Coppercoat

This yacht recently finished the 100,000 nautical mile Clipper Round the World Yacht Race.

Coppercoat Application

Find out all about Coppercoat and the techniques for a successful application

After 40,000 miles

Here is an incredible video showing a boat after 18 months in the water that has raced round the world…

Coppercoat Application Time Lapse

The Pacific NW Boater research vessel, a ’79 Cheoy Lee 46 LRC, has a Coppercoat bottom job professionally applied at…

Coppercoat Application Instruction

Here is a video showing the correct technique to apply Coppercoat. Jayson takes us through the various stages of the…

Coppercoat at the London Boatshow

Video of Coppercoat on the hulls of Southerly boats shot at the London boat show.

How long does Coppercoat last

How long does Coppercoat last? This is one of our most frequently asked questions. Find our contact details and talk…

“Bright Eyes” Customer Review Year 1

View this short video taken by a customer of their yacht bottom after one season in the sea after the…

Coppercoat Application – Can It Be Beat?

Sailing Luckyfish Scroll to 08:43 Coppercoat Application – Can it be beat? Antifouling paint is a hot topic among sailors….

How does Coppercoat work?

Coppercoat antifoul is the combination of a specially developed two-pack epoxy resin and 99% pure copper. Each litre of Coppercoat…

Coppercoat in Barcelona

Coppercoat being applied to the famous “Subbuteo” boys at the entrance to the harbour in Barcelona. Limpieza y aplicación de antifulling…

Clipper Race Yachts Choose Coppercoat

This yacht recently finished the 100,000 nautical mile Clipper Round the World Yacht Race.

Is Coppercoat expensive?

Many ask if Coppercoat is expensive when compared to traditional antifouls. The simple answer is No! Applying Coppercoat is the…

Coppercoat Application at Townsend Bay Marine, USA

A Pacific NW Boater “Tested Product” video. Coppercoat, a non-leaching, non-ablative epoxy-based alternative to traditional bottom paints, is applied to…

Coppercoat Product Test

MBY technical writer Greg Copp takes out his Sunseeeker Thunderhawk 43 with its fresh, sprayed-on coating of Coppercoat long-term antifouling….

“Bright Eyes” Customer Review Year 5

View this second video taken by a customer of their application of Coppercoat to the same boat after 5 seasons in the sea.

Timelapse Coppercoat Application by Paul Shotton Marine Services

Paul Shotton Marine Services used three people to apply five coats of Coppercoat in one day to this Sealine T46….

Coppercoat Being Applied

This short video is designed to show the simple steps for a successful Coppercoat application.