Customer Testimonials

“I applied Coppercoat™ some 13 years ago and have been delighted. Please use me as a reference!”

Mr Stainer – London

“We’ve travelled 40,000 nautical miles on the first application of Coppercoat™ over a period of 12 years. The protection the product has provided is unparalleled, both for anti-fouling and osmosis protection. Pulling the boat out on the hardstanding we were extremely happy to see no signs of osmosis, especially when you see the other GRP boats coming out requiring substantial repairs.

Even though Coppercoat™ has a slightly higher initial cost over other anti-fouls, its long lifespan and other benefits makes it far cheaper in the long run.”

Mr Co Zwetsloot – Holland

“He set sail from Shamrock Quay for the Caribbean, visiting Grenada as well as crossing the Atlantic to Portugal where his yacht is now at Villamoura.

He has told me that he is delighted with Coppercoat™ and that there is no growth of seaweed or barnacles on the treated part of his hull, but there is some barnacle growth on the boat topping which he did not cover with Coppercoat

Mr Hatcher – Boat Builders, Southampton

“The best performing anti-foul I have used even now in it’s 7th season. Considering how inexpensive it is, I don’t understand why everybody doesn’t use Coppercoat™.”

Mr Kendjian – Cannes, France

“Having treated my boat with Coppercoat™ in 1995 I must say how pleased I am, with the coating still performing well 8 years on.”

Mr Beltrani – Rome, Italy

“My conclusion is that after 8 years afloat, Coppercoat™ seems to have the same anti-fouling properties of the best anti-fouling paint. The advantage is that the job does not need renewing. ”

Mr Norbury – Hampshire, UK

Coppercoat™ has kept my Thames based boat free of fouling for the last 6 years”

Mr Smy – Herts

“The Coppercoat™ was applied 8 years ago. The coating has stood up well, with no loss of anti-fouling properties. A pressure wash when the boat is lifted is sufficient to remove slime build-up.”

Mr Mitchell – Aberdeen

“The hull was beautifully clean – a little better that the usual condition after a season using conventional anti-fouling. All that was needed was a preessure wash and we were ready for launching in the spring.”

Rival-Bowman Owners Newsletter

“My client reports that his 80ft aluminium yacht in the Caribbean is perfectly clean after 3 years afloat. You can’t say fairer than that!”

Mr Sharatt – Southampton

“Over the last 10 years my yacht has sailed the Med, Caribbean, Florida Keys and UK waters and it’s still looking good.”

Mr Connell – Liverpool

“After 9 years of heavy use I would now like to apply this fantastic product again.”

Mr Rowe – New Zealand

“My boat had Coppercoat™ applied 5 years ago. Recently the boat was taken out of the water for the first time. The hull was in an unbelievably clean state.”

Theo de Jong – Online feedback