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Coppercoat Long Life Antifoul!

This morning I called into Cobb's Quay in Dorset, to a yacht we treated in 1994, near the start of Coppercoat's history. Jayson and Ewan, the two founders of Coppercoat, treated this boat themselves. "Nickla Thyse", a Moody 336, has recently changed hands and the new owner has decided to apply a new treatment of Coppercoat. The initial treatment of ...

Sir Robin Knox-Johnston chooses Coppercoat for Suhaili.

Sailing Legend, Sir Robin Knox-Johnston chooses Coppercoat for his yacht Suhaili. I had the pleasure of meeting with Sir Robin Knox-Johnston last week, to discuss Coppercoat for his famous yacht, Suhaili. As many of you will know, Suhaili is in the middle of a full refit. Following a 5 year stint at the National Maritime ...

Coppercoat Customer Service.

We received this email yesterday. It’s nice to hear we getting our Coppercoat Customer Service right! “I am a second time user of Coppercoat having treated my Catamaran Audacity in the UK a few years ago and also my recently acquired Prout Quasar in Portugal last year. I was extremely pleased with the outcome and …


Coppercoat standard fit on Eagle Catamarans

We are delighted to be standard fit across the range at Eagle Catamarans of Queensland, Australia. Please have a look at their website for info on their interesting multihulls.


Coppercoat party!

Received this from one of our customers, Mark C today. Nice to see people enjoying applying Coppercoat and celebrating completing the job with a BBQ and beers! Good work Mark and co! "Hi. Saw your mail about some pictures and experiences of using copper coat. Its been on for a year now. Its been great, ...

Coppercoat® standard fit on the Isara range.

We are pleased to announce that Coppercoat® is now going to be a standard fit on all Isara Catamarans. Isara’s design philosophy of producing vessels that are “better by design” makes choosing Coppercoat® obvious. Please see for more details of these stunning yachts.


Rachel and Paul Chandler, unfinished business.

I am sure you are all aware of Rachel and Paul Chandler’s harrowing ordeal in 2009. It is nice to see they are planning on finishing their trip. Having Coppercoated® their yacht during the refit, at least their anti-fouling is something they will not have to worry about, leaving them free to avoid those pirates! Good …


Boat Builders Show Their Support

As many of you will have seen in the past, there are always a good number of new boats treated with Coppercoat™ at boat shows all around the world. During a quiet five minutes at the recent London International Boat show, I took the opportunity to take a few pictures of some of the boats ...

Coppercoat™ after 14 years.

Having been supplying Coppercoat™ for almost 20 years, it is increasingly common for us to hear from customers from our “early days”. Whilst we have already published information on boats treated nearly 20 years ago, we were still delighted with the following email recently received from the owner of a Heavenly Twins Catamaran entering its 15th year with Coppercoat™: From: Andy M Sent: 29 …


Is Coppercoat™ worth its metal?

Two weeks ago Jayson Kenny and I visited Cobb’s Quay Marina in Poole to check on three boats he and I originally painted with our Coppercoat™ multi-season anti-fouling way back in the winter of 1993/4. I am delighted to report that all three are performing faultlessly some 17 years on! The Coppercoat™ applied all those …

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