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Coppercoat Independent real world review.

A Coppercoat Independent real world review. I came across this on a world wide Cruiser's forum this morning. Certainly worth a read. This boat has been in the water for 20 months, without any scrubs: "A few pictures taken today.Boat was Coppercoated back in May 2014,and has been in the water since then, no hull scrubs in the ...

Coppercoat application and performance in the Atlantic.

I found this write up on Coppercoat application and performance in the Atlantic. This shows how one person can relatively easily Coppercoat a 35 foot sailing yacht on their own, in one day. “It works.Applied as solo DIY project in Plymouth when bought boat – May 2009.One roller – just keep going round and round, …


Coppercoat after 10 years in the Mediterranean

Mario, who has had Coppercoat on his yacht for 10 years (kept in a high fouling area of the Mediterranean) sent us this nice picture showing what Coppercoat looks like in service. The verdigris green colour can vary in hue, according to local conditions.  


3 year Real World Coppercoat Review.

We often get asked for an independent, real world review of our product, Coppercoat. Here are a few recent comments from the YBW Forums:


Coppercoat Antifoul test after 4 years of heavy use.

We received this picture and comments from Poole Sea Safari this morning. This Parker RIB is very heavily used commercially and its nice to see how well the Coppercoat is performing. When the owner first applied Coppercoat, he noticed a marked increase in performance and a decrease in fuel consumption. “I have always been impressed with …


Not all copper coatings are Coppercoat!

Over the years there have been many copies of Coppercoat. As can been from this picture, the performance is NOT the same! This test panel has been in the River Dart for 20 months. In case you hadn’t guessed, Coppercoat® is on the left!


Coppercoat 14 years in the Med

We are often asked about Coppercoat’s performance in the higher fouling areas of The Mediterranean. This is a quote from a marine forum from somebody who has been to some of these higher fouling areas. Makes interesting reading! “For the past five years, we’ve lived aboard the boat, which has Coppercoat on the hull but …


Coppercoat® wins in independent anti-foul test.

During 2011/12 the Danish boating magazine “BadNyt” ran a trial of 11 anti-fouls, including 3 from International, 2 from Hempel, 2 from Jotun and of course, Coppercoat®. We are delighted to announce that Coppercoat® was declared the clear winner, being the only product given 5 stars out of 5, showing no fouling (not even slime) …


Coppercoat® in action!

Yesterday I had the rare opportunity to enjoy a sunny afternoon at Dell Quay Yacht Yard. Whilst there I took a few pictures of some of the boats present using Coppercoat®. These boats included the owner of the yards personal fishing boat and a yacht I remember supplying 20 years ago. I was pleased to see ...

Coppercoat® wins international Award

We are delighted to have won the prestigious Eco Friendly Business category of the Asian Marine & Boating Awards 2011, held in conjunction with the China (Shanghai) International Boat Show. The award was presented to Nigel MacFarlane (Coppercoat® representative for Hong Kong) by Yang Xin Fa (Secretary General of the Chinese Boatbuilding Association) at a gala …

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