“Rock Star” Catamaran Jimmy and Coppercoat

“Rock Star” Catamaran Jimmy and Coppercoat

We received this lovely review of Coppercoat from Ricco in New Zealand. His catamaran “Jimmy” is certainly a striking vessel!

We treat a disproportionally large amount of catamarans, mainly because lifting this sort of boat is difficult and expensive, so the ability to clean the hull in the water and not having to repaint is an attractive proposition! Obviously, catamarans are a lot easier to clean whilst afloat that traditional mono hulls, and Ricco has certainly benefited from this.

“JIMMY was built in NZ in 2002 I designed it  and chose to use COPPERCOAT for antifouling. The whole project has been a success on all levels, JIMMY is a rock star yacht. COPPERCOAT has been fantastic. To have the best results I clean the hulls ~ 3 times a year snorkeling, using a wide,razor sharp SS scraper. Not having to haul out a 60′ catamaran saves, besides the obvious expenses, a lot of headaches. The cat needs to haul out for the first time in 10 years. On this occasion I would like to renew the COPPERCOAT.”

For more information on this innovative offshore cruising catamaran see http://www.jimmycat.co.nz/

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