13 Years, 3 Boats and 3 Children.

13 Years, 3 Boats and 3 Children.

For many of us, sailing around the world is a dream. The time, commitment and finances reqired often make this dream impossible. In 2003 Matthieu Fleury, and his partner Soizic, realised this dream and began a 3 year circumnavigation. 13 years, 3 boats and 3 children later, this dream has become their life.

In 2003, Matt and Soizic bought a 1965 wooden ketch called “Hildi”. Part of their preparations for their round the world trip was to have Coppercoat applied to Hildi’s wooden hull. Over the years their trip has become a way of life and their growing “crew” has meant they have up-scaled their vessel to a 50 Catamaran that they had commissioned and built in India. “Katali” their Looping 50 was launched in 2014 (treated with Coppercoat of course!) and they are continuing their life of new horizons.

This is a video of Katali being launched in 2014. A nervous moment for any owner, probably made more nerve wracking by the unique methods used…! Katali Launch Video

A more detailed version of their travels can be found here 12 Years, 3 Boats and 3 Chidren.


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