Coppercoat on the Rapido 60.

Coppercoat on the Rapido 60.

The Rapido 60, designed by Morrelli & Melvin to offer its owners volume, comfort and speed. At the origin of the project is Paul Koch, who has designed, built, sailed and raced trimarans for 25 years (notably the Corsair trimarans), and who wanted a blue-water cruising boat with space to live, but offering all the trimaran’s advantages in terms of performance and comfort at sea. The result is here, with the Rapido 60. Unsinkable, offering a nice living area aboard (with berths for 8) and a luxurious saloon, the trimaran is built using infusion, to maintain the weight specifications. It has been designed to be easy to manage single or short-handed, even though it should be capable of reaching 25 knots.

The following videos shows Coppercoat on the Rapido 60, both at the final contruction stage, and at sail.

For more information on the Rapido Trimirans see


Coppercoat on the Rapido 60

Coppercoat on the Rapido 60 Launch

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