Coppercoat Long Life Antifoul!

Coppercoat Long Life Antifoul!

This morning I called into Cobb’s Quay in Dorset, to a yacht we treated in 1994, near the start of Coppercoat’s history. Jayson and Ewan, the two founders of Coppercoat, treated this boat themselves. “Nickla Thyse”, a Moody 336, has recently changed hands and the new owner has decided to apply a new treatment of Coppercoat. The initial treatment of Coppercoat has lasted 22 years, which I think was a major factor in the new owner retreating “Nickla Thyse” with Coppercoat long life antifoul.

When retreating a Coppercoated vessel, it is simply a case of abrading the surface to provide a good key and applying more Coppercoat. Very simple.

Marine Options Ltd at Cobb’s Quay are treating “Nickla Thyse” for the owner. They have completed the preparation sanding and the yacht will be retreated in the next few weeks. I will post more pictures in the near future.

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