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Coppercoat™ vs a conventional Antifoul

The Medway (or as it’s known locally, The Mudway!) is a notoriously bad area in the UK for marine fouling. The following picture was posted on a well known yachting forum.  It is rare to have Coppercoat™ tested against a traditional antifoul on the same boat. By the way, Coppercoat™ is the clean product on the …


Coppercoat™ at Boat Shows

With Coppercoat™ having distributors in more than 30 countries worldwide, we are being represented at many international Boat Shows across the globe. Our Germany Distributor, Michael Fleiss has just finished exhibiting at the Hanseboot  Boat Show (Hamburg) and our Spanish Distributor, Jaime Capell is currently exhibiting at the Barcelona Boat Show. The next boat shows …


Coppercoat™ after 14 years.

Having been supplying Coppercoat™ for almost 20 years, it is increasingly common for us to hear from customers from our “early days”. Whilst we have already published information on boats treated nearly 20 years ago, we were still delighted with the following email recently received from the owner of a Heavenly Twins Catamaran entering its 15th year with Coppercoat™: From: Andy M Sent: 29 …