Coppercoat real world experiences on a Windy 37

The following is a comment from a Coppercoat user on the forums. This shows the type of performance you can expect when using Coppercoat as your antifoul: “Again Coppercoat. I have had it on for 3 years now – works excellent. 42 knots top speed in our Windy 37 HT 2 x KAD 300 when …


“Rock Star” Catamaran Jimmy and Coppercoat

We received this lovely review of Coppercoat from Ricco in New Zealand. His catamaran "Jimmy" is certainly a striking vessel! We treat a disproportionally large amount of catamarans, mainly because lifting this sort of boat is difficult and expensive, so the ability to clean the hull in the water and not having to repaint is an ...

Lick of new paint for Clipper 70s

Over the last six months, the Clipper Race fleet of twelve 70-foot ocean racing yachts has been given a makeover of mighty proportions in preparation for the Clipper 2017-18 Race. In addition to major works during this refit, the Maintenance Team is also carrying out the usual servicing, replacements, re-rigging, upgrades and improvements, including the …


13 Years, 3 Boats and 3 Children.

For many of us, sailing around the world is a dream. The time, commitment and finances reqired often make this dream impossible. In 2003 Matthieu Fleury, and his partner Soizic, realised this dream and began a 3 year circumnavigation. 13 years, 3 boats and 3 children later, this dream has become their life. In 2003, Matt …


Coppercoat on the Rapido 60.

The Rapido 60, designed by Morrelli & Melvin to offer its owners volume, comfort and speed. At the origin of the project is Paul Koch, who has designed, built, sailed and raced trimarans for 25 years (notably the Corsair trimarans), and who wanted a blue-water cruising boat with space to live, but offering all the ...

Not your run of the mill Coppercoat application!

Over the years some strange things have had a Coppercoat application. Subbuteo Buoys in Barcelona harbour, a chandelier in Stringfellows nightclub, even the raised bed in my front garden have all been Coppercoated! However, I think this is our first Nuclear Diffuser Dome!  


Abrading Coppercoat.

I recently came across this thread on the YBW forum about abrading Coppercoat and it was nice to read of a customer doing this after 12 years and having a clean hull after 18 months afloat, even in a high fouling area like Sant Carles!: Abrading Coppercoat Should I be abrading Coppercoat? We are often asked by customer when they ...

Coppercoat Long Life Antifoul!

This morning I called into Cobb's Quay in Dorset, to a yacht we treated in 1994, near the start of Coppercoat's history. Jayson and Ewan, the two founders of Coppercoat, treated this boat themselves. "Nickla Thyse", a Moody 336, has recently changed hands and the new owner has decided to apply a new treatment of Coppercoat. The initial treatment of ...

Coppercoat on a Riostar 130 Superyacht.

Our Brazilian distributor, Marcos Agra, recently sent us some pictures of Coppercoat on a Riostar 130 Superyacht. This brand new Superyacht, built by Riostar Yachts of Brazil, has a copper coloured super structure with a cream top. I think this looks brilliant with the Coppercoat hull! For more detail on this new superyacht see here

Sir Robin Knox-Johnston chooses Coppercoat for Suhaili.

Sailing Legend, Sir Robin Knox-Johnston chooses Coppercoat for his yacht Suhaili. I had the pleasure of meeting with Sir Robin Knox-Johnston last week, to discuss Coppercoat for his famous yacht, Suhaili. As many of you will know, Suhaili is in the middle of a full refit. Following a 5 year stint at the National Maritime ...
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